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EyeOnBoard Overview

EyeOnBoard® security systems offer continuous monitoring, real-time visibility into your yacht's environmental and physical conditions, and remote control of your security system and on board computer(s), from any web browser, using any web enabled device, at any time.

Our monitoring service includes:

  • Bilge monitoring for flooding detection
  • Power monitoring for power failure detection
  • Door, hatch, and motion intrusion monitoring for break-in detection
  • Vessel position monitoring and position reporting for theft detection
  • Environmental monitoring for overheating or freezing conditions
  • Rapid notification of on board alerts and changing environmental conditions
  • Real-time vessel information access via any web browser, any time of day or night
  • A six month no-obligation free trial of our software and monitoring service
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Our security system equipment includes:

  • On board cameras for motion detection and/or visual identification of on board personnel
  • Support for a broad range of analog and/or digital cameras
  • Wired and wireless contact sensors for easy installation
  • Support for a broad array of environmental sensors
  • Full support for WiFi, cellular, DSL, cable, and/or satellite Internet connections to your vessel
  • Modular system components for an easy expansion of security and monitoring capabilites
  • Industry standard components from our web store for a "do it yourself" installation

Like most yacht owners, you may spend only part of your time on board each year. Without continuous inspections, detectable problems can be unnoticed until significant damage is done, resulting in expensive repairs and long periods when your yacht is unavailable.With EyeOnBoard®, your yacht is monitored continuously, and you can interact with your yacht from anywhere you have web access, any time of day or night.


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